Egismos Optoelectronics Integration Capabilities
From laser diodes to laser range measuring, self driving cars, and next generation robots, Egismos is leading the way in research and development of cutting edge technology for a better tomorrow! Let's watch examples of how to use our lasers into your application. ..
Egismos Technology in 2017 international CES
Welcome to visit Egismos booth at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show Egismos will be present at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show that will be held from January 5th to January 8th  in Las Vegas, NV. We are glad to invite you to visit our booth at Sands Expo, Robotics area (booth  #41953 ) to discover our newest air touch and floating image devices. Feel free to book a meeting with us through our email: sales@egismos.com See you at CES ! ..
EGismos-Laser Tracker
Egismos Laser Tracker is a multifunctional smart surveillance system that can detect and identify specific images of patterns, including barcodes and QR codes.  The Laser tracker can then keep track of a target with a red or green laser instantaneously with any kind of pattern under day or night lightning conditions.  Egismos Laser Tracker is a compact and portable device that can be set up easily on a table, a wall or the ceiling. It is autonomous and can communicate to connected devices, such as a smart phone, through a wireless connection (like WiFi). It includes its own battery..
EGISMOS new extra compact laser rangefinders modules unveiled!
Egismos just launched a new product line: a laser distance measure module, the LDK Model 2   The Laser Distance measure modules (LDK Model 2 series) are available in 3 versions with different measuring ranges: up to 30 meters / 60 meters / or 100 meters. They are very compact units with extra small dimensions: only 37.5mm x 45.3mm x 19.2mm.  Egismos rangefinder module LDK Model 2 has a simplified design to allow users to connect the Laser measurement unit device to a PC or an MCU in the easiest way possible through RS232 or Bluetooth 4.0 communication.  Egismos has comple..
Egismos Technology introduced a new “Laser Shooting Simulator”
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. January 21, 2015  Egismos Technology today unveiled a new "Laser shooting simulator” by using MEMS IC, Lasers, and Optical Engines for developers to design with more compact training or entertainment solutions. The international patent applications have been submitted for this technology. The solution provides benefits through MEMS laser projector and image processing capabilities. It is more compact than traditional simulators. Egismos’ laser shooting simulator projects a 50” by 50” target area 6 feet from the screen; and the size of target area can be adju..
Egismos Technology in the upcoming 2015 International CES with CTX Virtual technologies
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. December 15, 2014 – Egismos Technology today announced participation in the upcoming 2015 International CES with CTX Virtual technologies: Egismos Technology is invited by CTX Virtual Technologies to support product promotion of it's new virtual technology. Interested parties can visit us at CTX’s booth 31677 during January 6-9, 2015 at Las Vegas.   About Egismos Technology Egismos Technology (Egismos) creates solutions that integrate mechanics, electronics, optics and photonics for the modern world. Building on its expertise in Laser ..
We are pleased to annouce that Egismos Taipei office will be  relocated to the following address with effect from 29 May 2014. For further correspondence, please refer to the following information : Address: 5F., No.21, Ln. 583, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11492, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL: +886-2-8751-1317 FAX: +886-2-8751-1261 We decided to move to our new premises to meet the needs of the fast growing business as well as to improve our working conditions to offer better service to our customers. We apologize for any inconveniences that this office moving may cause. ..
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