The major function of the optical filters is to selectively transmit or block a specific range of wavelengths. From short wavelength UV filters, visible wavelengths, long wavelength IR filters or blocking both short and long wavelengths, optical bandpass and optical edge filters to notch and optical neutral density filters, Egismos selection of standard optical filters and custom optical filters is optimized for your requirements.learn more...

Egismos can design and produce the following filters:

  • UV pass Filter /IR pass Filter
  • UV cut Filter/ IR cut filter
  • Band Pass Filter
  • Neutral Density Filter
  • Absorptive Filter
  • Dichroic Filter
UV pass Filters /IR pass Filters
UV pass filters are devices that let pass the UV light and block the visible wavelengths by means of reflection or absorption. The UV pass filter are usually applied for UV light detection. IR pass filters let the IR light pass and reflect all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. One of the purposes of the IR pass filters is to increase the temperature of targeted areas as the IR wavelengths are capable of transmit thermal energy.


UV cut Filter /IR cut Filter
UV cut Filters block UV wavelengths and transmit visible wavelengths, usually for sensors that is are sensitive to UV light. IR cut filters, known as hot mirrors, can also be defined as shortpass filters. Such filters can be applied in optical systems to prevent heat damages through attenuating the IR light and heat, and are used for the correction of CCD and CMOS sensors.


Band Pass Filters
Band pass filters are devices that reflect or attenuate undesirable wavelengths while allowing s certain narrow wavelengths with a high transmittance rate to be transmitted. This is achieved by combining shortpass and longpass filters. The transmitted regions of the spectrum could belong to UV, NIR, IR or visible wavelengths according to customer’s specific application.

Neutral Density Filters
Ideal Neutral Density (ND) filters should absorb and reflect evenly a broad spectral range of wavelengths or color. ND filters are used to protect camera lenses by attenuating excessive light.

Absorptive Filters
Absorptive filters block the intensity of undesirable light, which is accomplished by absorbing light into the filter. The degree of absorption is determined by the thickness of the filter.

Dichroic Filters
Dichroic filters are used as color filters (either additive or subtractive) to reflect parts of the visible spectrum while letting required portions of the spectrum pass. They present therefore desirable effects to display certain colors by only transmitting required wavelengths. In some laser applications, such filters are used to separate laser sources into two or more laser beams (for example: Nd:Yag laser/1064nm subtractive filter/532nm additive or subtractive filter).

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