Photonic electro-optical subsystems

Egismos manufacturing facilities provide product design services and contractual manufacturing of photonic electro-optical subsystems, complex laser and optical systems. Egismos disposes of an unsurpassed design and development capacity, comprising an in-house optics division, an integrated circuit design division and an optical, mechanical and electrical integration division, etc. making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial designs and manufacturing responsibilities to a highly qualified and trusted partner. .


Electro-optical and mechanical integrated modules:

With decades of experience in laser technology, optics, semiconductors, electronics, precision molding and mechanics, Egismos comprises a Laser Division, a Semiconductor Division and an Optics Division. Each division works in perfect harmony with one another to successfully deliver complicated optical systems that are the result of know-how and well-orchestrated teamwork. Egismos has developed integrated modules for different applications such as below:

The following is our integrated module products:

Laser Rangefinder Modules

Laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser rangefinders, distance meters, distance/speed detection devices and management applications. The laser rangefinder modules comprise 6 major electro-optical components

  • Laser diodes
  • Laser collimator
  • Receiver lenses
  • Photo sensors
  • Signal processing IC
  • Laser drivers

The Laser collimator minimizes the divergence angle of a laser beam to obtain a brilliant pointing accuracy. The Receiver lens receives the reflected laser beam before directing it to the photo sensor. Egismos self-designed a specific IC to process and calculate the distances. Egismos then integrates all the components in one single module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

Purchase Laser Rangefinder RS232 evaluation-Kit

Video Camera Modules

Egismos developed this product for industrial image capture and monitoring applications. High resolution lenses modules and sensors are integrated into the image processing circuit for a compact solution. This solution is very convenient for industrialequipment and monitoring applications to capture and send a video signal to a video monitor or a PC.

The camera modules have the the following features:

  • High resolution and wide viewing angle
  • Customized optical lenses assembly
  • Easy of use for video signal processing
  • Compact and small
  • Efficient and convenient for design

Datasheet Download

Laser Scanning Modules

Optical scanners are extensively used on laser scanning units (LSU) for laser barcoders, laser printers, digital copiers or MFP, and laser scanning sensors They contain 4 major electro-optical components.

  • Laser diodes
  • Laser collimators
  • Micro scanning mirrors
  • Scanning driving circuits

The Laser collimator collimates divergent laser beams into beams with small divergence angle and great pointing accuracy. The Micro scanning mirrors are driven through vibrations to reflect the laser beam, then the laser beam can scan along a single axis line. Egismos designed micro scanning mirrors and a driving by system through MEMS technology. and integrates all the components into a single module achieving high performances, ease of manufacturing and facilitated assembly.

Laser Projector Modules

LThe laser projector modules are is the newest developed products of EGISMOS. We use 2-D micro scanning mirrors to reflect laser beams projecting and scanning an image on a screen. Their small size and low power features are best adapted for mini projector applications such as

  • Low power, high precision laser scanning
  • Mini laser scanning projectors
  • Laser shows
  • Precision optical adjustment

We also provide technology transfer services and manufacture engineering help services

Customised Wafer Lenses and DOE Design


  • Customized Laser Pattern Lenses: Custom & Stock
  • Customized Laser Pattern Lenses: Full Production Capability
  • Customized Laser Pattern Lens Design and performance analysis
  • Optical design incorporating diffractive optics
  • Photolithography, reactive ion etching and wet etching for visible and IR materials
  • Mask fabrication

Basic patterns:

single line, cross hair, multi-line, dot matrix, square, grid, circle etc.

Customized patterns:

company logo, cartoon characters, animated motions, and other specific patterns.

Customized Aspheric Lens Design

Thanks to our sophisticated and well-established infra-structure in optical components comprising R&D, manufacturing, test ranges, measurement, etc., we also can provide fiber-optics for optical communication or optical sensing applications. We currently provide plastic housing optics, glass micro-optics and coatings for wavelength in optical communication bands

Lens Design Team:

Egismos’s optical systems experts and team for lens design are available to assist you with your requirements, whether you are looking for a lens upgrade or new system design.

Precision Molds:

Our molds are manufactured using state-of-the-art processing technology and our unique evaluation system on the aspheric profiles. The molding process provides extremely consistent lens-to-lens accuracy and flawless aspheric surfaces.

Quality Assurance:

Our lens quality is backed by an optical quality assurance system and ISO9000 certification.


*Due to contract limitations, examples shown above may not be available for sale. Please contact us for further information. Examples shown here are only to demonstrate Egismos engineering capabilities learn more...

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