Photonics electro-optics system assembly

Photonics electro-optics system assembly

In addition to strong capabilities in offering system development service, Egismos also provides service for complex in-house assemblies of photonics electro-optics system while maintaining outstanding standard of product quality. We have a wealth of practical experience of supplying components, sourcing on your behalf, managing supply chain to meet your requirement for volume production.learn more...

  • Design for manufacturability analysis
  • Prototype to volume production
  • Build to order
  • Cellular manufacturing
  • NPI through end-of-life production support
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Full turnkey hardware and software test development
  • Multiple O/S environments
  • Board level and system level functional test
  • Reliability testing services
  • Simulated application testing
  • Custom-designed test suites


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