Photonic Electro-optical systems development

Photonics electro-optics system development
Service With decades of experience in laser technology, optics, semiconductors, electronics, precision molding and mechanics, Egismos engineering facilities specialize in designing and developing complex optoelectronic systems, making us the trustworthiest partner for our clients who are seeking high-performance designs and precision manufacturing capabilities. The following examples include virtual keyboards, laser range finders, and laser scanning systems learn more...




Virtual keyboards
With their sleek style and compact layout, the virtual keyboards streamline users experience with a state-of-the-art technology and versatile functionalities. Based on sophisticated technology similar to motion sensing techniques, it they captures even the tiniest and swiftest fingers movements through IR detection and accurately transmit them to host devices without losing to any traditional keyboard. They feature Bluetooth connectivity, thereby avoiding cable clutters and enhancing the portability. Ingenious hot keys allows immediate adjustment of the laser projection brightness, the beep sounds, the sensitivity and, most amazingly, can transform the virtual keyboard into a virtual touch pad supporting most common gestures.
Laser range finders

Laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser rangefinders, distance meters, distance/speed detection devices and management applications. The laser rangefinder modules comprise 6 major electro-optical components: Laser diodes,Laser collimators,Receiver lenses,Photo sensors,Signal processing IC,Laser drivers

The Laser collimator minimizes the divergence angle of a laser beam to obtain a brilliant pointing accuracy. The Receiver lens receives the reflected laser beam before directing it to the photo sensor. Egismos self-designed a specific IC to process and calculate the distances. We also provides customization services for laser range finder modules which contain optical engines, signal processing units and I/O interfaces such as USB, RS232 or Bluetooth.

Laser Rangefinder
Laser scanning systems

Optical scanners are extensively used on laser scanning units (LSU) for laser barcoders, laser printers, digital copiers or MFP, and laser scanning sensors. They contain 4 major electro-optical components - laser diode, laser collimator, micro scanning mirror, scanning driving circuit.

The Laser collimator collimates divergent laser beams into beams with small divergence angle and great pointing accuracy.The Micro scanning mirrors are driven through vibrations to reflect the laser beam, then the laser beam can scan. along a single axis line. Egismos designed micro scanning mirrors and a driving system through MEMS technology. and integrates all the components into a single module achieving high performances, ease of manufacturing and facilitated assembly.

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