There is a lot of applications for the optical coatings. like mirror coatings , which require high light reflection rates or at the contrary to reduce the reflection and limit the light loss.

Egismos’ custom coating services with precision optical coating technology are available to support all your applications in Fluorescence microscopy, Spectroscopy, wavelength selectors and other related optical fields. Our coating services include anti-reflective coatings, beam-splitter coatings, filter coatings, high-reflector coatings, reducing internal and external surface reflection through single-layer to broadband multilayer coatings. Other types of coating are also available upon customers’ requirement.learn more...

Anti-reflective (AR) coatings
Anti-reflection coatings are one type of optical coating that are applied to reduce reflection and maximize the efficiency of light transmission. When a light ray is transmitted from one surface of an optical system to another one, some portions of the light are either reflected back to the first surface or absorbed into the second one. Practically, anti-reflection coatings can be categorized into simple and single layer AR interference coatings with limited performance and Broad Band multiple layers interference coatings with better efficiency for enhanced reduction of the reflection.
Beamsplitter coatings
Beam splitters separate laser sources into two or more laser beams by converting the ratio of transmittance through optical coating. They are often used in material processing applications, optical image processes and optical communication systems. As a result, coatings applied in beam splitters divide laser sources into transmitted and reflected beams.
Filter coatings
The main function of the optical filters is to selectively transmit or block a specific range of wavelengths. Without coatings, approximately 10% of the light will be lost because of the Fresnel Reflections when traveling from one medium to another.
High-reflective (HR) coatings
HR coatings are different from AR coatings , are based on two materials (a high index and a low index material), and are not affected by the angle of incident light. HR coatings can be applied for any wavelength from UV to IR, and applications can be found in the fields of Medical, Life Science or Defense.
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