Conflict-Free Minerals Policy

We, EGISMOS Technology Corporation,

hereby declare that we are taking and will take due diligence to ensure not purchasing or using within our supply chain conflict metals derived from minerals being sourced from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) conflict areas, especially the following metals: tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W), and gold (Au).

In order to ensure the origin of the materials used in our products and production processes, EGISMOS Technology Corporation will from now on:

1- Survey our supply chain partners to ensure the sources of tantalum, tungsten, cobalt, tin, and gold as applicable to our products to minimize potential for metals from conflict free mines.

2- Take immediate corrective action if we acknowledge that our suppliers don't comply with this policy.

3- Perform an annual check of the compliance to this policy of all our suppliers involved with the use or purchase of conflict metals.

4- Publish this Policy as well as to inform and ask our suppliers to perform the above statement.

Lishan Chen

Title :
Manager of Material and Logistic department



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