Laser Pattern: DOE, Hologram, Diffuser

DOE, HOE and Diffuser

Diffractive Optics elements (DOEs) are phase elements used for modifying a light source by diffraction-recombination of incoming waves of light to produce a specific profile such as multi-line, cross, square or viewfinder patterns.

Egismos offers custom design services with high performance to support your needs for specific laser patterns. Designing DOE, HOE and Diffusers for complex laser patterns or precisely manipulating e diffraction spots is achievable through our computational design methods and wafer-based technology.learn more...

Egismos is able to design and produce the following Diffractive elements:

  • Beam shapers
  • Beam splitters
  • Diffusers (Homogenizers)
  • Holographic optical elements (HOE)
Beam shapers
The function of a Beam shaper is to shape an incoming laser spot with a near Gaussian beam into a precise laser pattern, such as a square or a circle pattern with even laser beam, as requested by our customers. The beam shapers can produce any laser pattern with a good uniformity and a high efficacy in a wide range of wavelengths. They are often applied in targeting applications, laser processing, laser imaging systems, etc.
Beam splitters
Beam splitters are used to separate laser sources into two or more laser beams via converting the ratio of transmittance through optical coating. They are often used in material processing applications, optical image processes, or optical communication.
They can be divided into neutral Beam splitters, dichroic beam splitters and polarization beam_splitters in terms of optical performance.
The neutral Beam splitters is to separate laser sources into two laser beams; the dichroic beam splitters reflect/transmit parts of the spectrum of a laser beam and the polarization beam splitters split a laser beam into a S polarized light and a P polarized light.
Diffusers (Homogenizers)
Diffusers or Homogenizers, are diffractive elements that can evenly diffuse a laser beam into an accurate beam with an homogenized intensity and a controlled angle. The Diffusers have low sensitivity to laser beams; therefore they are often used with monochromatic and less stable lasers.

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