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Through our expertise in the fields of photonics and optoelectronics, EGISMOS brings out the most innovative technologies to provide integrated solutions for laser sensing, camera modules, and imaging applications. Some of our successful products include laser sensing modules, laser keyboards, the AirTouch image and sensing system, obstacles detection modules, laser mapping solutions, etc.. Our imaging applications include camera modules with gestures and image recognition, 3D laser recognition modules, etc.

We integrate the photonic key components into single compact modules for achieving high performances, with ease of handling and facilitated assembly.

We provide assistance and services for any photonic devices and application as well as Software development.

Please contact our team for any photonic or optoelectronic request at :

Egismos provides various customized cameras for all kind of applications

• Cell phone camera sensor ,sports camera sensor or high end security camera sensor.
• Camera sensor with VCM motor for auto-focus function.
• Global shutter sensor for high-speed camera.
• Very sensitive sensor for machine vision or robot applications.
• Diverse camera interfaces: MIPI, LVDS, parallel and others.
• Various resolution sensors, such as 20M sensors, 4K sensor or 1080P, 720p sensors.
• Different camera lenses, such as fish eye lenses, wide angle but no distortion lenses, f-theta lenses, microscope lenses, telescope lens.
• ISP main board ,USB or HDMI interface or data output.
• Customize flexible FPC and other super-fine connectors.

Dual Lens Camera Module
Part ID/Product Sensor Feature Lens Spec & P.# Description Data Buy
CAM-XG-3D 3D Camera Module OV5640 2592X1944:15fps 2 cameras model for 3D image video. 90° 38X38mm,compatible 32X32mm, USB2.0 High Speed
Low Illumination Camera Module
Part ID/Product Sensor Feature Lens Spec & P.# Description Data Buy
CAM-1M-LL 1.3M Camera Module AR0130 1280X960:15fps Minimum illumination 0.01 lux 60° 38X38mm,compatible 32X32mm, USB2.0 High Speed
High Frame Rate Camera Module
Part ID/Product Sensor Feature Lens Spec & P.# Description Data Buy
CAM-2M-HF 2.0M Camera Module OV2710 320X240:120fps Minimum illumination 0.05 lux 140° 38X38mm,compatible 32X32mm, USB2.0 High Speed
High Dynamic Camera Module
Part ID/Product Sensor Feature Lens Spec & P.# Description Data Buy
CAM-3M-HD 3.0M Camera Module AR0331 1920X1080:30fps Minimum illumination 0.01 lux 100° 38X38mm, USB2.0 High Speed
High Resolution Camera Module
Part ID/Product Sensor Feature Lens Spec & P.# Description Data Buy
CAM-5M-HR 5.0M Camera Module Ml5100 2592X1944:15fps &Minimum illumination 0.05 lux 180° 38X38mm,compatible 32X32mm, USB2.0 High Speed    
OV5640 2592X1944:15fps 65°

Thanks to our expertise in the fields of photonics and optoelectronics, EGISMOS has developed complete and high precision solutions for laser sensing with the latest technologies. We have developed specific laser sensing modules for applications in robotics, such as objects monitoring, obstacle dodging, 3D image recognition. We integrate high resolution cameras with laser pattern projection modules into an image processing module in order to achieve a compact complete solution. These solutions are all very convenient for use in laser sensing applications, capturing images features or for 3D image data processing.

Obstacle Laser Sensing Module

Thanks to the high performances of the DOE ( Diffractive Optical Elements) that can transform a laser beam into any specific pattern, Egismos has designed a patented Infrared laser module including a compact camera. This laser obstacle sensing module can detect the objects placed in front of it, calculate their shape and distance, which makes it perfect for integration in robotics, or autonomous moving vehicles thanks to its obstacle dodging and laser mapping functions.

Product Name Product ID Data Buy
Obstacle Laser Sensing Module CNC sample LSM-1M-808L-UAR
AirTouch Display and Sensing Syetem

Egismos Air Touch technology is a complete solution that integrates a floating image plate for display in the air and a laser sensing module for detection. The User can adapt the Air Touch system to create customized video or animated material for interactive contents. The contents are displayed into the air without any medium (floating image) or any other display or device. Then the laser sensing functions are adjusted for real time hand gesture interaction without the need to touch anything. The Air Touch solution is well valued for applications where direct contact or space occupation can be issues, such as security, medical environment, industrial environment, public area use, car HUD (Head Up Display) etc...

Contact our team to start developing your own application !

Egismos photo sensor series has high sensitivity in red, green and blue spectrum regions. The sensors have stable light current under temperature variation, low dark current, high linearity and a wide operating temperature region. The sensors can be used in many applications, such as laser power feedback control, color detection, white balance adjustment, color adjustment for LED light system and color adjustment for color display.

Photo Diode(PD)
Product Name Product ID Datasheet Buy
Color Photo Diode for 620nm Red SC-0-RB-S1-S
Color Photo Diode for 550nm Green SC-0-GB-S1-S
Color Photo Diode for 470nm Blue SC-0-BB-S1-S
Avalanche Photodiode(APD)
Product Name Product ID Datasheet Buy
905nm APD(TO package) SC-2-905-D0-T
Silicon Photomultiplier(SiPM)
Product Name Product ID Datasheet Buy
Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) SC-6-Si-S3-S
SiPM Evaluation Board SC-6-Si-S3-E
Photodiode, Photo Sensor & Photo Detectors Product ID Naming Rule:
Example: SC 5 IR D3 T
Product Code Responsivity (A/W) Wavelength λ Active Square Side Length /Active Circular Diameter Package Type
SC: Sensor Component 0 : R≦100 Si: 400~1100nm D0: Diameter D≦1 mm S : SMD
  1 : 100 IR: Silicon IR 700~1100nm D1: 1 T : TO-CAN
  2 : 101 NIR: 700~2500nm D2: 2 P : Plastic Mold
  3 : 102 R/G/B-B: R/G/B single color band(e.g. RB: Red band, GB: Green band) D3 : 3 C: Chip
  4 : 103 VB: Visible band S0: Square S≦1x1 mm B : PCB Package
  5 : 104 UV: UV range S1: 1x1 M : Module Packing
    905: 905nm S2 : 2x2 R:Right Angle for Side View
      S3:3x3 E: Evaluation Kit


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