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Laser Facts #02: The influence of Temperature on Laser Diodes

Why it is important to control the temperature in semiconductor based laser systems.

Laser Facts #01: The issue with the Focus of Laser Diodes

The focus of the beam of a laser can sometimes be tricky.

Here is a short explanation why when using common laser diodes, optical properties can make it difficult.

Laser Facts: a new series of informative topics

Egismos new series of Laser Facts, to help you better understand how to work with lasers

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Light it Green ! Extreme Low prices on the Green Laser Diodes

Great Promotion on the Green Laser Diodes

Get your 515nm laser diodes at the best price !

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The Smallest Laser Rangefinder by Egismos !
Egismos team is proud to introduce you to the first of a new series of laser range finders : the third generation laser distance meter: LDK-3M-20-RS It has the most compact form factor ever : 42mm * 17mm * 7mm (~ 1.6 in * 0.7 in * 0.3 in) for a weight of only 4g , which makes it ideal for integration in any system or sub-assembly requiring automatic distance measure. This first distance-meter module of a new promising line of laser measurers boasts the following specifications: a measuring range up to 20 meters (65.6 ft), with a 1mm resolution.   Through UART communication, the dist..
New Laser Rangefinder module - 8m range
At times when social distancing has never been such an important parameter to protect our relatives and ourselves, controlling distances by measuring them has become an increasing requirement in diverse equipment. Egismos has therefore prepared a new product in our laser rangefinders series that is adapted to check shorter distance ranges, up to 8 meters (26.25ft). Our rangefinders series use time-of-flight technology with a safe red laser (laser safety class 2) and can be fully programmed for an all automated use. No contact, no closing in, full remote control: your safety is our primar..
Promotion : Blue and Green laser diodes
It's the end of the year sales time season ! We have prepared for you a few references with unbeatable prices : as low as -70% of the original price ! Only a limited amount is available, so make sure to be quick to check out our choice of blue laser diodes and green lasers diodes, with output power ranging from 10mW to 80mW.     BLUE LASER SERIES • 405nm 20mW Blue Laser Diode => Order from our Online Store • 405nm 40mW Blue Laser Diode, with Photodiode => Order from our online store • 405nm 40mW Blue Laser Diode, without Photodiode => Order fro..
EGismos-Laser Tracker
Egismos Laser Tracker is a multifunctional smart surveillance system that can detect and identify specific images of patterns, including barcodes and QR codes.  The Laser tracker can then keep track of a target with a red or green laser instantaneously with any kind of pattern under day or night lightning conditions.  Egismos Laser Tracker is a compact and portable device that can be set up easily on a table, a wall or the ceiling. It is autonomous and can communicate to connected devices, such as a smart phone, through a wireless connection (like WiFi). It includes its own battery..
EGISMOS new extra compact laser rangefinders modules unveiled!
Egismos just launched a new product line: a laser distance measure module, the LDK Model 2   The Laser Distance measure modules (LDK Model 2 series) are available in 3 versions with different measuring ranges: up to 30 meters / 60 meters / or 100 meters. They are very compact units with extra small dimensions: only 37.5mm x 45.3mm x 19.2mm.  Egismos rangefinder module LDK Model 2 has a simplified design to allow users to connect the Laser measurement unit device to a PC or an MCU in the easiest way possible through RS232 or Bluetooth 4.0 communication.  Egismos has comple..
Egismos Technology introduced a new “Laser Shooting Simulator”
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. January 21, 2015  Egismos Technology today unveiled a new "Laser shooting simulator” by using MEMS IC, Lasers, and Optical Engines for developers to design with more compact training or entertainment solutions. The international patent applications have been submitted for this technology. The solution provides benefits through MEMS laser projector and image processing capabilities. It is more compact than traditional simulators. Egismos’ laser shooting simulator projects a 50” by 50” target area 6 feet from the screen; and the size of target area can be adju..
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