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Bluetooth-USB TTL converter cable for LDK Model 2

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Bluetooth-USB TTL converter cable for LDK Model 2


The LDK (Laser Distance measurement Kit) acts like an HID (Human Interface Device) USB class device. Most software applications in usual operating systems can easily read data from the HID class devices without customized drivers.


Thanks to this property, it is very easy and intuitive to write a program that controls the LDK from a Windows or Linux operated system. The typical UART output uses a serial RS232 with standard communication transmission protocol, which is the most common configuration for PC serial communications today. The common line speed has a Baud Rate of 9600 Bd.

In the Bluetooth version of the LDK, the device connects through USB to additional Bluetooth module for communication, like P2P. The communication between the Operating system and the LDK can be achieved thanks to the Bluetooth-USB TTL converter cable.



Outline dimensions:
Laser Rangefinder RS232 EV-Kit
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