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About Us


From its beginning in 1995, Egismos Technology Corporation has established itself as the premier manufacturer of laser-based optoelectronics solutions. This was accomplished through a custom-centered philosophy to proactively deliver specifically designed solutions to our clients needs, which are the most adapted products to their applications, rather than providing mere standard components.

Egismos is known for its systematic operation planning, starting from our own product design, R&D and targeted marketing, followed by efficient and quick production for either small series or great quantities, completed by extensive testing and quality control.

Egismos develops products under its own brand name as well as parts of more complex systems or sub-assemblies and proposes a broad range of product lines so as to meet the demands from diverse markets: from the consumer industry, to the medical fields, robotics and all types of industrial and automation projects.

Vision & Mission

Operating Philosophy:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Embracing Change
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Transparent communication

Our ultimate goal is to increase productivity and ease people's lives.

Our mission is to use the most advanced photonics and electronics technologies and adapt them into convenient and affordable solutions with properties desired by most markets: low power consumption, high efficiency and high capacity.