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About Us


From its beginning in 1995, Egismos Technology Corporation established itself as the premier manufacturer of laser-based light sources. This was accomplished through a custom-centric philosophy that proactively delivers the exact solutions our clients need, and that are configured specifically for their applications, rather than providing a rigidly defined set of products like other companies would.

Egismos is known for its systematic operation planning, starting from our own product design, R&D, marketing. Egismos is also developing products under its own brand name and is aiming at a broad range of product lines so as to meet the demands from the consumer industry, as well as satisfying our customers specific needs.

Vision & Mission

Operating Philosophy:

  • Honest Management
  • Embrace Change
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Partnership and Alliance

Our ultimate goal is to increase productivity and fun in people's life.

To use leading optronics designs and production technologies to develop solutions with low power consumption, high efficiency and high capacity. To apply technologies in wireless communications and data storage, to provide key products and services for Mobile Electronics Solutions.