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Egismos is specialized in developing standard and specific solutions of photonic subsystems integrating mechanical design, electro-optical modules, complex lasers and optics systems, for any kind of application ( laser rangefinder module, laser measurement module ...).

For this purpose, Egismos relies on strong R&D resources comprising the following divisions: Laser distance meter module, Optics, Electronics, Mechanics, Lasers, Semiconductors and Firmware development. Our teams work together by combining our know-how and year-long experience to provide the most advanced and complete integrated optical and photonic design solutions for all your applications.

Laser distance measuring modules and laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser range finders, laser distance meters, distance/speed detection devices and laser measuring applications.

EGISMOS provides laser distance measuring modules and laser range finder modules with a standard interface RS-232 and Bluetooth options making the development and programing of your own  customized application very easy and convenient. We have integrated those key components and major functions in one single compact module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

EGISMOS also can support any custom modification based on our standard modules and can provide ODM services for laser distance measurers. For any requirement of laser distance modules or laser range finder modules please contact us at:

Laser distance measurer module-Consumer ver.Model-2
Product Part ID. Range Description Data Buy
Laser distance module Ev-kit for RS232 LDK-2M-30-RS 30M laser distance measuring module Model-2, with USB “B” connector cable, measuring rate: 2~4Hz, only for static objects measurements.
LDK-2M-60-RS 60M
LDK-2M-100-RS 100M
Laser distance module for Bluetooth LDK-2M-30-BT 30M laser distance measuring module Model-2, with additional BT module for wireless applications.
LDK-2M-60-BT 60M
LDK-2M-100-BT 100M
Customized     Customization guidelines
Laser-distance-measurer-USB cable tool
Product Part ID. Range Description Data Buy
Laser distance module USB TTL cable UCT-2M-RS / RS232-USB TTL converter cable for LDK Model 2
UCT-2M-BT / Bluetooth-USB TTL converter cable for LDK Model 2
Laser distance meter for ODM
Product Part ID. Range Description Data Buy
Laser distance meter ODM module LDM-1C-30-ST 30M Laser distance.
LDM-1C-60-ST 60M
LDM-1C-100-ST 100M
Laser Distance Measurer Product ID Naming Rule:
Product Model Measure Distance Transfer Mode Version
LDK: Laser Distance Measure Kit 1M: Model 1 30: 30 meter RS: RS232 A
LDM: Laser Distance Measure Module 2M: Model 2 60: 60 meter BT: Blue Tooth B
UCT: USB Converter Tool   100:100 meter   C
Laser Diode Driver IC: <60mA, APC driver

Egismos laser diode driver IC series are devoted to operate CW and TTL modes of N-type laser diodes. With the external photodiode and the built-in regulator, the drivers IC's APC (Automatic Power Control) function stabilizes the photodiode output power by compensating power voltage changes, temperature variations and decay of the photodiode. The laser diode drivers have protecting functions against ESD, reverse battery, over temperature and over current. The power supply current limit can be adjusted to protect the laser diodes according to the operating current. When a situation of over current or over temperature occurs, a driver shutdown is enforced until power is off, then back on. Given the tiny package size, the driver ICs show a low power consumption and power dissipation. The drivers ICs can be used in many applications, such as laser leveling, bar code reading, measuring applications and medical equipments.

Product Name Product ID Online Store Documents
Laser Diode Driver IC <60mA,5 pins APC driver. Low cost & Small for Laser Modules EDL-0A


Laser Diode Driver IC : 10~350mA, TTL modulation with APC driver
Product Name Product ID Online Store Documents
Laser Diode Driver IC-8 pins  EDL-2M
Laser Diode Driver IC-6pins (JQA compatible) EDL-2J

Disclaimer:The information summarized above is presumed to be accurate; however, it is subject to change without notice. Egismos Corp. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. The users must refer to the Egismos data-sheets for details.

From Design to Manufacturing - Our ODM/OEM Services

By combining our extensive design and engineering capabilities in photonic industry, added to our competitive advantages of integrated manufacturing, internal supply chain, cost competitive and scalable operation infrastructures, EGISMOS provides OEM, ODM, and contract manufacturing services to worldwide customers.

At EGISMOS, our long time developed manufacturing skills include Optics, Electronics, Mechanics, System Programming and Assembly Engineering that are all mutually integrated. We take advantage of these capabilities and skills and with the help of trusted engineering associates to assist our customers at every step of a product industrialization; from design to prototyping, then to bulk manufacture. We also are highly committed at protecting the intellectual property rights of our partners.

※Our details manufacturing service:

Photonics Modules and Systems ODM/OEM

EGISMOS has many years of experiences in the fields of optoelectronic and photonics integration. We currently develop photonics modules and support related solutions for laser measuring, laser scanning, laser projection, image recognition, robotics, detection, biomedical photonics, and other ODM projects. We have already developed photonics modules such as laser distance measuring modules, laser range finder modules, camera modules for any kind of image application, laser scanning and laser projector modules. We also manufacture ODM related systems or finished product like laser distance meters, laser range finders, IR cameras, image recognition systems, laser virtual keyboards, laser projectors according to our customers or market requests. We support contract manufacturing for our customer’s brand.

If you have any request for optics, optoelectronic or photonics products manufacture, EGISMOS as a manufacturing partner is your best choice.

Electro-Optical and Opto-Mechanical Assembly

EGISMOS multi talented teams provide services of design and manufacturing of complex electro-optical systems from mere concepts to end products. We have a special attention for the field of biomedical applications and integration processes, detection and surveillance systems (night security, 3D imaging or scanning modules) and new technologies for gesture recognition. Egismos has an advanced class 100,000 to class 1000 clean room for the assembly of our most sensitive products, with all the necessary controls for particles, temperature, humidity, and ionization. All our facilities have protection against ESD and we implement strict laser handling procedures so as to deliver the best integrated electronic, mechanical, and optical assemblies.

EGISMOS supplies custom-built opto-mechanical assemblies, either static mounted optics or fully integrated optical components in moving mechanical assemblies. We work closely with our customers and industry-leading optics suppliers in order to get a thorough understanding of the applications of each assembly. Thanks to our experience in assembling optical and mechanical elements, we are able to reach the most accurate positioning and ensure the most robust performances of optical assembly in mechanical systems.

Once optics have be received at our facility, they undergo "scratch" and" dig" inspection in accordance with ISO 10110. The inspection is undertaken following our customer requirements: either sampled inspection, or 100% of the received components are checked. Our procedures and equipments are set up along with our customers to ensure that the optical components won't be subject to latent failure during later working operation. High quality has a cost and require special consideration when integrating mechanics and optics. All optical devices are highly sensitive to contamination therefore we use specific equipment, production methods and adapted test facilities. We design customized tooling and test equipment in order to carefully manage the key features of each product and have a smooth manufacture flow, thereby ensuring the utmost quality.

※More manufacturing service:

Laser Distance Measuring Module, Laser Range Finder Module Manufacturing

EGISMOS has developed 2 different models of laser distance measuring modules that can support industrial applications and can adapt to the low cost laser distance meter market. We can modify the module parts or parameters to meet your requirements, such as the laser wavelength, the interface or the measurements accuracy. We can also propose to help you with the design of specific external casing and the development of molding tools in order to provide a finished good for your own brand as ODM or contract manufacturing. This solution is very cost efficient as is is based on the already developed laser distance measuring modules. We also welcome projects for custom made laser distance measuring application from design to the end product.

If you are interested to test samples or integrate our modules in our own systems, they are available on our online Store:

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