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Egismos has specialized in designing and building full operational solutions of photonics and optoelectronics applications for a great variety of fields of work.

Our expertise lies in the tight integration of complex laser and optics systems together with unique electronics and mechanical skills, thereby achieving great accuracy in laser distance measure, laser modulation control, detection and laser sensing, as well as many other custom requirements.

or this purpose, Egismos relies on strong R&D resources comprising the following divisions: Laser distance meter module, Optics, Electronics, Mechanics, Lasers, Semiconductors and Firmware development. Our teams work together by combining our know-how and year-long experience to provide the most advanced and complete integrated optical and photonic design solutions for all your applications.

Laser distance measuring modules and laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser rangefinders, laser distance meters, distance or speed detection devices and laser measuring applications.

Egismos provides Time of Flight laser distance measure modules and laser rangefinder modules with either a standard interface RS-232 or a Bluetooth connection, thereby enabling the development and programming of your own customized distance measure operation mode and application. We have integrated those key components and major functions in one single compact module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

Egismos can also support any custom modification based on our standard modules and can provide ODM services for laser distance measurers. For any requirement regarding laser distance modules or laser range finder modules please contact us at:

Laser distance measure module
Product Part ID. Range Description Data Buy
Laser distance module-RS232 LDK-2M-30-RS 30M laser distance measuring module Model-2, RS232 connection, measuring rate: 1~10Hz, only for static objects measurements.
LDK-2M-60-RS 60M
LDK-2M-100-RS 100M
Laser distance module-Bluetooth LDK-2M-30-BT 30M laser distance measuring module Model-2, with additional BT module for wireless applications.
LDK-2M-60-BT 60M
LDK-2M-100-BT 100M
Laser distance measure - USB cable
Product Part ID. Range Description Data Buy
Laser distance module USB cable UCT-2M-RS / RS232-USB converter cable for LDK Model 2
UCT-2M-BT / Bluetooth-USB converter cable for LDK Model 2
Laser Distance Measurer Product ID Naming Rule:
Product Model Measure Distance Transfer Mode
LDK: Laser Distance Measure Kit 2M: Model 2 30: 30 meter RS: RS232
UCT: USB Converter Tool   60: 60 meter BT: Blue Tooth
    100:100 meter  

Egismos laser diode driver IC series are devoted to operate under the modes : CW (Laser continuous mode) or TTL (Laser modulated mode) for all kind of N-type laser diodes.

With an external photodiode and the built-in regulator, our drivers IC's APC (Automatic Power Control) function stabilizes the laserdiode output power by compensating power voltage changes, temperature variations and the decay of the photodiode.

Our laser diode drivers include protecting functions against ESD, reverse battery, over temperature and over current. The power supply current limit can be adjusted to protect the laser diodes according to each one's operating current. In case of the occurrence of a situation of over current or over temperature, a driver shutdown function is enforced until the power is off, then back on. Thanks to its tiny package size, Egismos driver ICs show a low power consumption and power dissipation.

The drivers ICs can be used in many applications, such as laser leveling, bar code reading, measuring applications and medical equipment, wherever the output power of a laser diode needs to be controlled accurately.


Laser Diode Driver IC : 10~350mA, TTL modulation with APC driver
Product Name Product ID Online Store Documents
Laser Diode Driver IC-8 pins  EDL-2M
Laser Diode Driver IC-6pins (JQA compatible) EDL-2J

Disclaimer:The information summarized above is presumed to be accurate; however, it is subject to change without notice. Egismos Corp. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. The users must refer to the Egismos data-sheets for details.

What is the Time of Flight laser measurement ?

The Egismos Laser distance meter module uses the time of flight technology to measure the distance between the rangefinder device and a target placed in front.

One laser beam is emitted from the module with a specific modulated signal and hits a the first reflective object placed within the trajectory of the laser beam. This laser light is reflected and sent back to the rangefinder thanks to specific optics and sensors.

As the speed of light is a known value, the time difference between the emitted laser signal and the reflected one would give the distance measure of the encountered object.

What is an APC : Automatic Power Control driver ?

The laser output power of a laser diodes is influenced by many parameters : input current, voltage, temperature, age of the laser diode.

In order to maintain a stable output power, Automatic Power Control driving is the solution of choice.

It requires the signal of a photo-diode monitoring the output power of the laser emitted from the laser diode. With a control loop, the driver will then compensate any influence of the environment or of the aging of a diode by regulating the input current, so as to achieve a constant output power.In order to maintain a stable output power, Automatic Power Control driving is the solution of choice.

What is an ACC : Automatic Current Control Driver ?

The laser output power of a laser diodes is influenced by many parameters : input current, voltage, temperature, age of the laser diode.

For sensitive electronics system, the input of a stable current is necessary: in that situation an Automatic Current Control driving solution is recommended.

The ACC driver will regulate the input current to be delivered at a constant value. Due to environmental conditions and the aging of the laser diode, this driving method could show variations in the value of the output power of the laser.

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