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EGISMOS new extra compact laser rangefinders modules unveiled!
Egismos just launched a new product line: a laser distance measure module, the LDK Model 2   The Laser Distance measure modules (LDK Model 2 series) are available in 3 versions with different measuring ranges: up to 30 meters / 60 meters / or 100 meters. They are very compact units with extra small dimensions: only 37.5mm x 45.3mm x 19.2mm.  Egismos rangefinder module LDK Model 2 has a simplified design to allow users to connect the Laser measurement unit device to a PC or an MCU in the easiest way possible through RS232 or Bluetooth 4.0 communication.  Egismos has comple..
Egismos Technology introduced a new “Laser Shooting Simulator”
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. January 21, 2015  Egismos Technology today unveiled a new "Laser shooting simulator” by using MEMS IC, Lasers, and Optical Engines for developers to design with more compact training or entertainment solutions. The international patent applications have been submitted for this technology. The solution provides benefits through MEMS laser projector and image processing capabilities. It is more compact than traditional simulators. Egismos’ laser shooting simulator projects a 50” by 50” target area 6 feet from the screen; and the size of target area can be adju..

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