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EGismos-Laser Tracker
Egismos Laser Tracker is a multifunctional smart surveillance system that can detect and identify specific images of patterns, including barcodes and QR codes.  The Laser tracker can then keep track of a target with a red or green laser instantaneously with any kind of pattern under day or night lightning conditions.  Egismos Laser Tracker is a compact and portable device that can be set up easily on a table, a wall or the ceiling. It is autonomous and can communicate to connected devices, such as a smart phone, through a wireless connection (like WiFi). It includes its own battery..
EGISMOS new extra compact laser rangefinders modules unveiled!
Egismos just launched a new product line: a laser distance measure module, the LDK Model 2   The Laser Distance measure modules (LDK Model 2 series) are available in 3 versions with different measuring ranges: up to 30 meters / 60 meters / or 100 meters. They are very compact units with extra small dimensions: only 37.5mm x 45.3mm x 19.2mm.  Egismos rangefinder module LDK Model 2 has a simplified design to allow users to connect the Laser measurement unit device to a PC or an MCU in the easiest way possible through RS232 or Bluetooth 4.0 communication.  Egismos has comple..

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