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SigmaStar has a rich experience in the entire SoC design process, adheres to independent research and development of major IPs, and has leading advantages in fields such as image signal processing (ISP), audio or video encoding and decoding. We also actively invest in chip research and development in new fields including Artificial Intelligence (AI). SigmaStar is positioned at the forefront for the supply of solutions in automotive dash-cams, IP cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR).

Φ4.5mm green laser module

Based on leading information technology and AI algorithms, SigmaStar provides complete video processing solutions that can be developed for public safety management or consumer products. Some of its applications are used in professional or home security solutions or consumer products, like face recognition automated gates, license plate reading boom gates, face recognition attendance time clocks, consumer monitoring systems, USB cameras and many others.

SigmaStar Professional Security Solutions
Accurate recognition technology: retrieval of video data, behavior analysis, face recognition, license plate reading
Smart traffic management: instant recognition of motorized vehicles from non motorized vehicles or pedestrians and further analysis
Banking industry: Smart access control
SigmaStar Home Security Solutions
Office buildings
Residential communities security
SigmaStar Edge Computing Solutions
AI accelerator card: can be inserted into any Personal Computer for improving the computing power while keeping a compact form factor and a low consumption. Suitable for deep neural network computing or multi channels streaming edge computing.
AI computing platform: Flexible solution showing compatibility with traditional NVR and XVR to provide video processing computation.
Edge Computing server: suitable for private or companies clouds, small scale servers with use for smart identification, video streaming etc..

Φ4.5mm green laser module

Along with the rapid development of the automotive industry, the safety and comfort of the driver has sharply increased. Therefore in-vehicle products provide more and more functions for video monitoring, with data storing and sharing with always increased intelligent abilities. From the beginning SigmaStar has been devoted to develop its chips for core image processing solutions and has been able through years of R&D to propose the best semiconductor solutions for the automotive markets, with a focus on high resolution, smartness and enhanced safety.

SigmaStar Smart Vehicles Solutions
Supported Formats: multiple resolutions 2M~8M H.264/H.265 encoding, new generations of high efficiency compression ISP, 3DNR, 3A processing, HDR/WDR/MP4/FMP4/MOV/TS stream recording, and provides a variety of video recording formats.
Built-in self-developed neural network accelerator: can develop various algorithms for vehicle applications, such as ADAS/DMS/BSD/TSR
WIFI interconnection. The APP options can provide immediate monitoring of the vehicle's surroundings and replay important events. Supports SD card/ EMMC dual storage for secure file backup and voice control
Industrial type operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C Audio Encoder/Decoder ADPCM/G.711/G.726 Audio 3A (AEC/ANR/ALC) Great range of input/output interfaces
Supports many peripherals: USB/SDIO/SATA/ETH/HDMI/VGA/CVBS
SigmaStar Action Cameras Solutions
Improved anti-shaking function for enhance stability and clarity of the images
4K@30FPS: H.265 high-definition encoding, ultra-high compression efficiency, for saving HDR/WDR storage space.Can render images completely under both bright and dark lightning with MP4/FMP4/MOV/TS stream recording and many video recording formats.
SigmaStar Drone Cameras Solutions
Dual-core Cotex-A9 architecture: Integrated high-performance visual processing DSP NEON accelerator which can support up to 8 channels of parallel video input. Also supports LVDS/AHD/MIPI and other video input/outputs.
4K@30FPS: Built-in CEVA-XM6 DSP, which can be used for AI algorithm applications. Includes H.264/H.265 codecs and high-performance ISP/3A/3DNR/WDR/HDRMACE color engine

Φ4.5mm green laser module

SigmaStar has been an early leading actor in the development of chips for AI applications and is committed to provide optimal interactive solutions including the fields of Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Home Appliances, Smart Office, Smart medical care, all for an easier life, better work ergonomics and more efficient healthcare.

SigmaStar Smart Building Intercoms Solutions
High-performance face recognition: Built-in embedded neural network processor (NPU) with a face recognition accuracy >98% and a recognition speed <0.2s. Includes biometric anti-spoofing HDR technology for real time recognition.
1920*1080 full high-definition digital display: supports TTL/MIPI FHD 60FPS dot screen interface for horizontal or vertical display, 90° rotation algorithm processing for dynamic screen display direction adjustment. Supports many panel selections using H.264/H.265 video encoding Standards, includes a built-in H.264/H.265 hard decoding ACE image processing unit, thereby providing color correction and Gamma adjustment for the best image quality
Interference-free real-time voice interaction: its built-in Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology, and AES/NR/AGC voice algorithm enables a high-definition intercom
SigmaStar Smart Home Solutions
Total voice control solution: The Automatic Speech Recognition technology (ASR) supports off-line speech recognition with a built-in 4-channels mic, which can also be expanded to a maximum of 12 channels, and a wide range long-distance voice pickup
Compact and low power consumption: the 28nm HPC+ chip process CPU shows enhanced properties, supports DVFS, with its main frequency up to 1.5GHz, includes a built-in DDR, with a low power consumption and good heat dissipation. The power can be adjusted for energy saving and the small PCB size supports dual 100M network ports.
UI interface: supports GUI, QT, can be programmed for different languages to help reduce development difficulties and improve user experience. It comprises a complete Linux ecosystem, allowing quick function development, expansion and replicability
SigmaStar Smart Home Appliance Solutions
SSD202D: includes high quality smart chips to fit to the full range of domestic appliances both for major and small appliances.
Linux ecosystem: rapid development of functions, easy range extensions or transfers, low power consumption, high stability Wi-Fi access, great cloud capacity with support for cloud video and autonomous OTA upgrades for users to choose services independently, hence reducing customer support costs
1920*1080 full HD digital display: supports TTL, MIPI interface. The 1920*1080 high resolution uses H.264/H.265 video encoding standards and built-in H.264/H.265 hard decoding
SigmaStar Smart Office SIP Phone Solutions
High-definition voice calls: dual-core processor with built-in floating-point operations to efficiently handle various complex audio calculations and built-in Auto Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology, built-in AES/NR/AGC/Beam-forming voice algorithms and protocols.
Smart touch screen display: supports SPI/MIPI/TTL, multi-screen horizontal and vertical display, 90° rotation with algorithms processing to dynamically set the screen display direction, or more panel selections
Secure launch and unique ID verification: Support secure boot and unique ID, firmware protection. Anti-hacking protection with AES 3DES RSA SHA-1 and other mainstream hardware encryption and decryption engines. Supports digital watermarks to protect information security and achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability.
High integration, low power consumption and low cost: built-in DDR, integrated Audio Codec, low power consumption, quick startup, support for mobile phones
SigmaStar Smart Hospital Beds Solutions
1920*1080 full HD digital display: supports TTL, MIPI interface. The 1920*1080 high resolution adopts H.264/H.265 video encoding standard with built-in H.264/H.265 hard decoding
Top Notch intercom effect: uses Auto Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology with AES/NR/AGC/Beamforming voice algorithms and protocols to achieve high-definition voice intercom
Long term and stable operation on Linux systems: supports development on different platforms to create smart hospital wards through information sharing in wards, nurse stations, and pharmacies.
Dual Ethernet design architecture: supports cascading multiple devices and seamless access to third-party platforms to set up an Hospital Information System (HIS)

Φ4.5mm green laser module

SigmaStar provides a full range of competitive High-, Middle- and Low-End chips of smart application in the Industry, Business and Entertainment fields. With high resolution, high computing power and multiple path combination of audio and video processing it provides and all-in-one solution for the various needs of customers.

SigmaStar Entertainment Applications Solutions
Smart TV camera: the 200w~1300w pixel sensor supports 4K ultra-high-definition video encoding technology. The secure Image Signal Processor (ISP) ensures a guaranteed image collection under different brightness. The High computing power IPU (Image Processing Unit) provides a powerful computing power engine for visual algorithms. Our Lens Distortion Correction algorithm (LDC) provides wider viewing angles without any issue of distorted images.
PC camera: the 3DNR technology output for full HD~4k high-definition image improves the low-light image collection. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, MAC.
SigmaStar Commercial Applications Solutions
Smart video conference and phone conference products: ultra-low latency in various resolution configurations. Includes Audio/Video synchronous acquisition, built-in multi-Mic array with audio processing and video algorithms.
SigmaStar Industrial Applications Solutions
Industrial inspection camera: The 1300w Sensor supports high-definition images with a secure ISP that automatically adapts to variations of brightness. Operating temperature from -40° C to +85°C.
Industrial barcode/QR code scanner: the dual cameras support enables viewing under different angles with different focal length lenses combinations, which allows the product to be viewed from a farther distance. The High standard CPU and IPU configurations provide strong computing power support for algorithm applications.
SigmaStar Payment Applications Solutions
Consumer barcode/ QR code scanner: The secure ISP adapts to different lighting environments and the high grade CPU configuration enable the use of many different algorithms
Face Recognition Payment System: the dual cameras configuration supports both depth and color cameras and the high-specifications CPU and IPU configuration provides a strong computing power support for different algorithms applications.
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