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3D ToF Module

ToF Module

ToF is an abbreviation of Time of Flight, also called flight time. The basic principle is to emit a continuous infrared light pulse (light source: VCSEL) of a specific wavelength to a target, receive the optical signal (Camera) returned by the object to be measured through a specific sensor, and calculate the flight time or phase difference of the light in order to get the object 3D depth information. The image brightness and depth information of the TOF camera are integrated to an algorithm to complete the detection and imaging quickly and accurately.

Pixel resolution 160 × 60 pix
Optical format 1/6 inch
F-number F 1.3
Field of view(FOV) Diagonal/Horizontal/Vertical:common angle:114˚/107˚/41˚
Illuminator VCSELx2: 940nm
Voltage 12V
Current 2A
Interface & Protocal USB 2.0/3.0 & VCP
Depth data frame rate 20 fps
Working range 0.3 — 5m
Range tolerance +/-5cm~15cm
HDR mode support Depth/Grayscale/3D Point cloud/Amplitude
Housing Material Yes
Working temperature -10˚C — 65˚C
Storage temperature -15˚C — 85˚C
Dimension / Weights 59x26x24mm / 60g
SDK supported Win 7/10, Ubuntu ROS
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Datasheet Download:

3D ToF Module Driver Download: