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Laser Diode Drivers - available online

Laser Diode Drivers - available online

After a little while, our Laser Diode drivers are back online for direct buy !

Designed by Egismos, our laser drivers are the ideal solution for driving your laser systems with a stable optical output, without worries of any temperature variation.

They are available with a 6 pins or 8 pins connection and ensure a smooth APC laser drive (Automatic Power Control) as well as a quickstart up time. They provide a shutdown protection against ESD or overheating, ensure a laser power stability of >99%  thanks to their control loop and work for applications either in continuous CW mode or with TTL frequency modulation up to 20kHz.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or laser circuit design assistance : sales@egismos.com

Check them out on our Online Store : EDL2 Laser Diode Drivers