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Egismos: SigmaStar System-on-Chip

Egismos: SigmaStar System-on-Chip

Always striving for the best and expanding our horizons, Egismos is proud to announce our partnership with vanguard System-on-Chip designer SigmaStar.

SigmaStar SoC provides powerful computing solutions for image and video processing thanks to its embedded ISP (Image Signal Processor), AI algorithms for analysis and recognition and an extended choice of input/output options.

SigmaStar SoC are perfectly designed for usages in Smart Vehicles solutions like Dash-Cams or driving aids including ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), DMS (Driver Management System); for Smart Homes with appliances and IoT applications in Cameras, Intercoms or Security but also for any device requiring Image, Sound and Video acquisition, processing and display. 

Egismos can  help you develop you own solution according to your custom requirements and provide assistance with FAE support.

For more information check out our website: https://www.egismos.com/sigmastar.html 

or contact us : sales@egismos.com